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9 Most Useful Apps that you must have in your Android Phone

Smart Phones are used for many things now days. We talk to each other on video chat and social media platforms, play games, listen to music, watch videos, click memories ETC.

Well, can i say that smartphones have made our lives much easier?

Using the right app will make your life much more easier and to be honest there are thousands of apps, so why not let me help you with 9 useful apps that you must have in your phone.

  1. Dropbox – This was one of the 1st apps to come up with the idea of cloud backup. but it is the best option to move your files around and to transfer them or share them, also it is safe. you can login or logout and your files will be save all the time. so give your Images or videos or any file a back up, immediately.
  2. Evernotes – They have made lot of changes in last 9 years of their existence. This app offers lot of features and some of them are like handwritten recognition, presentation mode, Easy note clipping and of-course write your ideas (notes).
  3. Pocket – There is a very little difference between this and Instapaper. What is so special about it? Well anything on the web that you don’t have time to read, you send them to Pocket. It will be there as long as you want them to be and not only that but you can listen to web-page that you have shared.
  4. Swiftkey Keyboard – You are doing lot of typing on your phone so why not have a nice looking keypad that appeals you to write more with more options in auto-correct. Some of the swift key themes also have GIFs and more emoji which you can use according to your conversation.
  5. Cam Scanner – This app will turn your hard copy into a nice digital copy with just a snap from your finger and you can convert these images into PDF as well. This app will be great to be used in office and business.
  6. Picsart – Everyone likes to edit their image and this app will give you just that or maybe more. With wide range of effects and corrections and editing on this app can surely going to make you an addict. Get your hands on and become a mobile Image editor.
  7. Quik – GoPro’s Quik is hard and fast AI assisted video editing app.
  8. AVG AntiVirus – One of the best Anti-Virus’s app for android. This app has been name in top 5 grossing tools 2018. So protect your phone against virus and other threats.
  9. MicroSoft word – This app will never gonna be outdated or to be taken over. We all know the use of MS WORD but now it will be traveling with you in your phone.

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