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Oscar is the biggest movie award function. I don’t have to describe it much cause it is something which can’t be described. This time we’re just gonna go through the nominations of best picture, best actor in lead role, best actress in lead role, best actor in supporting role, best actress in supporting role.

In the whole world many movies make it to big screen, some make a name, some make lots of money and some get nothing. But Oscar represents not only Hollywood but appreciates other film-makers world wide.

So we’re gonna start here with our categories :


  1. Bridge of spies:  James Donovan (Tom Hanks) gets a case to defend a soviet spy Rudolf Abel (Mark Rylance) while being busy in that, two Americans are captured in a suspicion that they are spies but one is a pilot and another is just an economics student. So, James Donovan is sent to negotiate the exchange of those two Americans with Rudolf Able. It’s based on true events. The work involved right from the writers to editors, everything has been amazing. But to be honest, did Steven Speilberg ever fail us, specially when he is working with Tom Hanks? Both of them have worked earlier in many films such as saving private ryan, catch me if you can etc. They have given a tough fight to every film in Oscar whenever they have been nominated.
  2. Mad Max:fury road : In an apocalyptic world, a tyrant rules the land by controlling every last drop of water. Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy), who is escaping grief, join hands with a girl Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) who is reaching out to her childhood. If you like cars and speed then this is a must watch movie. Clashes of big vehicles, visual effects are ass kicking. Creativity and production does an awesome job to keep the audience engrossed all the time. Tom Hardy has done justice to the character which was played by Mel Gibson years ago in other MadMax movies.
  3. The Big Short: Here’s what the imbd says “Four denizens in the world of high-finance predict the credit and the housing bubble collapse of the mid 2000s and decide to take on the big banks for their greed and lack of foresight.” In other words, the whole movie is about house loans, bubbles in the finance system, banks. Language is the key in this movie, its hard to get it but that’s how it is really done. Its about four hard-core workaholic men who predict that market will crash. We all remember the 2008 recession. Direction is good, I mean it is just not a normal finance movie. When you see it you will find it special in direction, and performance by Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell and many more. They did their job. They did it together.
  4. The Revenant: Leonardo DiCapirio comes back in another look this time. When he appeared in Oscar last time he did a role of a stock broker. This film is based on true events. A soldier who has been attacked by a bear, seriously injured, his men left him to die in cold but a fire rises in him to take revenge from the man who killed his son, the survival in cold surrounded by snow, being hunted, and facing different challenges at every step that he makes. Its a chilling movie, amazing casting and editing and nice job done by production team. This film has equal chances of winning as other films have.
  5. Spotlight: Based on true events. 2001, editor Mart Baron(Liev Schreiber) of the Boston Globe assigns a famous team known as Spotlight, to investigate allegations against John Geoghan. John Geoghan has been accused of molesting more than 80 boys. Spotlight team is led by editor Walter Robinson (Micheal keaton) along with reporters Micheal Rezendes (Mark ruffalo), Matt Carroll (Brain D’Arcy James) and Sacha Pfeiffer (Rachel McAdams). They interview victims. They make it their mission to provide proof of covered up sexual abuse with the priests. Many more such cases were exposed not only in USA but in the entire world. According to me this film should win.
  6. The Martian: While working on a mission on Mars, a storm hits astronauts, making them to leave the planet. While leaving an accident happens because of which they had to leave Mark Watney (Matt Damon) behind, presuming him dead. But he’s alive and stranded on a remote planet with limited amount of supplies. Meanwhile, back on earth NASA members and a team of scientists work tirelessly to bring Mark Watney back home. While all this is happening he must survive somehow. when his team learns about his survival they plan for a rescue mission.
  7. Brooklyn: An Irish immigrant Eilis Lacey (Saorise Ronan) falls for an Italian guy Tony (Emory Cohen). But when she had to return back home she meets another man Jim Farrell (Domhnall Gleeson) where she faces temptation.
  8. Room: A girl trapped in a room for 7 years with her 5 years old son. Boy has never seen the outside world ever. She tries to make contact with the outside world which actually happens and she gets her freedom back. They both try to cope up and try to adjust to the surroundings, a girl who hasn’t seen the outside world for 7 years and her son who hasn’t seen the outside world ever. This film has a Good chance of winning.


  1. Matt Damon (The Martian) : An astronaut left behind on a remote planet with limited amount of supplies, now he needs to contact . There is a cool side of him and his trust that NASA will rescue him. He is also a pain in the ass yet there is something likable about him.
  2. Leonardo DiCaprio (The Revenant) : A scout in American army, injured by a bear, hunted by Indians, left behind to die. but he survives only to take revenge from the man who killed his son.
  3. Bryan Cransto (Trumbo) : Based on a true event. The man Dalton Trumbo is a very talented screenwriter among Hollywood. who struggles to maintain his career after being blacklisted.
  4. Micheal Fasbender (Steve Jobs) : Every year we see him doing different roles but the best role that suits him is Magneto. In Steve Jobs, he has worked amazingly. Many played this character but Micheal has beaten them all. Good luck Micheal for the Oscars.
  5. Eddie Redmayne (The Danish girl) : Along with the character the film itself is extra-ordinary. Eddie has done many challenging roles, which are hard to portray. In this film he has played a man who wants to turn into a woman and who thinks he has been trapped in a male body and wants to become a female completely. He might go home with a gold in his hand.


  1. Brie Larson (Room) : A girl who has been trapped in a room. She is a loving mother, who wants good for her son, wants her son to have normal life, to experience the outside world. She is full of anger and bitterness against her mother and father and against man who trapped her. Amazing performance by her. She might be winner in the end.
  2. Saoirse Ronan (Brooklyn) : She is a shy Irish girl who goes to a different country, and different culture. But she is a quick learner. She is a caring, loving and a sensitive girl who explore and learns everyday.
  3. Cate Blanchett (Carol) : A glamorous house wife, who is threatened of losing the custody of her daughter, She falls into a relationship with another woman.
  4. Jennifer Lawrence (Joy) : Jennifer plays ‘Joy’, a single mother, who has conflicts with her extended family.
  5. Charlotte Rampling (45 years) : 45th wedding anniversary approaches and Rampling  learns about her husband’s another engagement with another woman.


  1. Christian bale (the big short) : Played the role of Dr. Micheal Burry, a Neurologist turned Fund Manager. He got an artificial left eye and he is a workaholic. He knows what he wants and always on the point. He sleeps in his office, he eats in his office, office IS HIS home.
  2. Tom Hardy (The Revenant) : A trapper who kill Hugh Glass’s son, leaves him to die in the cold. He is mean and knows how to manipulate the situation in his favor. He is cunning.
  3. Mark Ruffalo (The Spotlight) : He is a good reporter and a dedicated reporter,  sensitive and persistent. Great work but will it be enough?
  4. Mark Rylance ( Bridge of spies) : He is a Soviet spy living in America, who gets caught. He has unique character. He is not worried, doesn’t take tension nor gets hassled. I like his dialogue “will it help?”. According to me he should take home the Oscar.
  5. Sylvester Stallone (Creed) : He plays a role of Rocky Balboa who returns to boxing as a trainer, to train his late best friend’s son Adonis.


  1. images.jpgRachel McAdams (Spotlight) : A good journalist who pursues the truth but finds it hard to believe that truth. She is understanding, polite and respectful. She is one hard working journalist.
  2. Alicia Vikander ( The Danish girl) : She is just the wife everyone needs- supporting, caring, understanding, fun, loving and loyal. She is struggle painter, ready to help her husband and sacrifice her career opportunity which she had been waiting for a long time. She might be the winner cause of her amazing acting.
  3. Kate Winslet ( Steve Jobs) : She plays a marketing executive who helps Steve Job’s company to succeed.
  4. Rooney Mara (Carol) : Working in a store, she spots a glamorous lady. Over a period of time she gets closer and closer to her.
  5. Jennifer Jason Leigh (Hateful Eight) : Working in Quentin Tarantino’s film Hateful Eight, doing the role of 19th century outlaw, Daisy, who has been arrested and is taken for justice.
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