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8 Christian films to watch

8 Christian films to watch before you die

There are so many amazing christian films which have been made in recent years even more so the making budget of these films have gone higher. If you are looking for a nice christian films that can be watched in family time during weekend probably you’ll find it among these. Without wasting anytime let us jump in the list.

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8 Christian films to watch

8) Risen– Jesus’ body has gone missing from the tomb and roman soldiers have to investigate and find the body of Christ. After numerous leads one roman soldier starts to discover something extra-ordinary, something more astounding.  Trailer Here

7) Facing the giants– A coach who has been on losing streak  for a long time and he has been given a team of underdogs to train and win the season. The story revolves around coach and the team mates and their relationship with their loved ones. It is an encouraging, motivating movie of never lose hope. Trailer Here

6) War Room– A married woman who seeks help for the problems she is facing. This film is more focused on what a prayer can do and how much power it holds. Does it hold any power? Can life change with prayer? Maybe we can watch this film to know about it. Trailer Here

5) To save a life– Jake has everything that any kid of his age would want, but everything changes when his ex-best friend is dead and Jake feels guilty for his death. Now Jake tries to save the lives of similar people by sacrificing his dreams, ambition and the dangerous lifestyle that he was leading. Trailer Here

4) God’s not dead– An argument stirs up a between student and a professor where the student challenges his professor that God really exist. Trailer Here

3) The case for Christ– Based on true story and on book. Lee Stobel starts an investigation on Christ’s existence or if there is any evidence towards Christ’s life and death on earth. He wants to seek the truth with facts about Christ, so that his wife will stop believing on Jesus Christ. Trailer Here

2) Passion of Christ– I know you must be wondering why on number two? Well, the movie is based on crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It’s a movie that has tried to show the true suffering of Jesus Christ. The best part of this movie is that original film was made in Hebrew. Trailer Here

1) Gospel of John– This movie is based on biblical book of John. It is one of the very few movies which is according to the Bible.  It has been wonderfully made. Its version is ABSGNB (American bible society’s Good News Bible). Trailer Here

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