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Review: Veere Di Wedding

Review: Veere Di Wedding

This film has not got good ratings so you might think like “ehh” about this film but let us give you some truth and the only truth.

Just to make it clear we have not been paid by anyone, its our own genuine review about this film. So let’s get on with the trailer first.

Now that you have seen it , let’s get back to what we were talking, well. Don’t expect to learn anything from this movie. It’s just about four independent women who are childhood friends and their battle with the society.

The best part is that Kareena Kapoor and Sonam kapoor tried their best to be like Delhi girls, trying to get loud and getting that show of tone, bold and crazy. I don’t think anyone else could have carried it off in such a way. All the characters tried to give their best. This film tried to be a female oriented film and if you think you are going to watch this film because you support feminism and you will learn something then don’t go.  As the trailer shows you that there are abuses so what, just go and enjoy the movie. It’s not like you will hear bad, then you will act bad and then you will be bad.

I can give you REASON TO WATCH THIS FILM  and they are as below:

  • Day is screwed and you want to watch a film go for it.
  • You had a breakup, make a plan and go for it. (or go alone; your preference)
  • You just had an argument with your friends. Go for it.
  • Your boss is getting on your nerves, calm down and go for it. (Enjoy and have a good laugh)
  • You are enjoying your day and want to end it on a nicer note then go for it.

CAUTION ALERT: Don’t take children who are capable of understanding things cause you might feel uncomfortable. So take your spouse and have some time alone, build your bound stronger over this film.

In the end you might end up learning something. I don’t know, its all about perception. Just watch with a relax mind and trust me you will enjoy this movie.

This film is pure entertainment. You will laugh, you will cheer up; in short your day will be made.


So let me give you a brief, don’t worry i’m not giving you spoiler.

Veeru di wedding is about these four women Kalindi (Kareena Kapoor), Avni (Sonam kapoor), Meera (ShikhaTalsania) & Sakshi (Swara Bhaskar) who are childhood friends and meet each other after 10 years. And when they meet they realize how screwed up their life is regarding family acceptance, marriage and societal pressures.

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