VOID: Bar Party

Void: Bar party

Whenever I need to have solitary time or want to a watch game, I always come to this club. It’s a nice warm place, less lights, loud music. There are classic singer’s posters on the wall like Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Frank Sinatra etc. I was on the bar table having my beer, I saw a big group entering in. They were around 20-25 mixed crowd. All of them were wearing formals, and it was 9:00 pm and I just guessed that it was a corporate party.

Well, the quite place was now a noisy place.

After an hour there entered  mother and a daughter. It seemed they came here for some bonding time. They took a place near bar as the other side was taken by corporate people. The place is big but small enough to see everyone from the bar. Music was loud, people were dancing where they sat. Some came out of their chairs and danced. Everyone was enjoying but this mother and daughter were having some serious conversation. They were speaking something serious; it was obvious by the way of their expression and hand movements as if they were clarifying something, solving some issue, re-creating the bond over a drink. I liked the way they were solving their issues and coming to a common ground and understanding each other. Now this is what is needed; parents and kids understanding each other. Well my attention went back to the game and Rajesh (waiter) brought my shredded lamb with chicken fried rice. I was so hungry that I just hogged on it.

It was 12:00 am and the bar was less crowded and music’s volume was also reduced. I saw the corporate group was left with just 3 girls and 2 boys. They had a great appetite for drinking. I analysed that rest of the crowd was gone except the mother and daughter. It looked like they solved the issue they had, now they were enjoying and clicking selfies. A girl from corporate group came toward mother and daughter. She was drunk, anyone could make out the way she was walking.

She came to mother and daughter and asked them “can I join you?” Mother replied with a smile “of course you can”. Girl with a big smile sat on a chair opposite them. She was slender and short in height 5’2 maybe or little less. Girl introduced “I am Reema, I work in tech short as an assistant. What about you?” then daughter replied with a smile “I am Jane, working in an advertising company as a content manager.” Reema gave a hint of smile “it is so nice to see you both spending time with each other.” Mother looked at her and gave a hint of smile as well “thank you”. Reema said “I miss my parents a lot, they were killed in a car accident, I was just 20 that time. I miss them so much.” Jane asked her “Do you have any brother or sister?” Reema replied “yes, I have 2 brothers and 1 sister, all younger to me” tears came out of Reema’s eyes “my relatives are very bad to me, some tried to take advantage of me and others tried to take that house which dad left us with.” She burst in tears. Jane got up and sat by her side and comforted her by keeping her arms on her shoulder. While all this was happening there came a guy, in proper suit and he started with his own story in his drunk tone “I am vice president of the company yet I can’t trust anyone. Everyone wants to take advantage of me. Just because I have money people call me, everyone has just used me.” Jane got irritated told him “at least you have money, then why are you crying” the man sat on a chair nearby and said “I have everything, but I don’t have peace” pointing his finger towards his head “here” and to his heart “and here”.  Then there was a cry in the back one girl from corporate group broke in tears loudly but the guy and another girl with her were supporting her.

So much was happening that I just finished my drink and called for the bill. I got up to leave and saw there was a discussion going on with mother, Jane, Reema and that guy and on the other side there was another discussion happening between those 2 girls and a guy. I was out from club and while I was walking towards my cab a random thought came to my mind.

Everybody is hurt and everyone has a void in their hearts. Behind a big smile there might be a big disappointment or a big hurt which they try to conceal, but it can be healed and that is by love.

As a quote says “Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love – Mother Teresa


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